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CAVI SERVIÇOS FINANCEIROS, based on the experience of its professionals, provides advisory and consulting services in M&A transactions, joint ventures and associations.

As advisor of the sellers, in order to ensure the success of the transaction, we participate in all phases of the process, from the definition of the sale strategy, the business valuation, identification and approach to qualified buyers until the conclusion of the sale.

In advisory services to buyers, we produce the related target market studies; we define and propose the most appropriate strategy for acquisition; the identification and definition of the targets and assistance until the conclusion of the acquisition.

Throughout the process we maintain strict confidentiality of our activities, limiting the information to the necessary to achieve our goals. Our team has extensive experience in conducting complex transactions in various segments of the Brazilian economy, with companies of different sizes.


We are a consulting and advisory firm acting in the acquisition and sale of equity transactions, joint ventures and mergers of companies.

Our organization, performance and goals assure consulting and advisory services with confidentiality and independence, excluding any conflicts of interest. CAVI SERVIÇOS FINANCEIROS has developed over the past years, a network of contacts that allows us to act covering the domestic and international markets, expanding the possibilities of identification and access to potential investors.

Our role is to find, identify and help to find the ideal partners, both from the financial point of view as the cultural and strategic aspect. We are prepared to respond to all demands along the process of association, acquisition or sale of shares.

Business People


Logo Consultancy and advice in the sale of companies and equity interests

Business evaluation, market research, definition and execution of the strategy of the sale process, identification and contact with potential candidates, negotiation, Due diligence coordination and assistance in conclusion of the deal.

Logo Consultancy and advice in company acquisitions

We prepare the initial studies about the target market, we identify and analyze the main players, assistance in the definition of the targets, the framing and implementation of the approach strategy and the initial contacts. Our services include the evaluation of the target company, the negotiation and advice in the deal conclusion.

Logo Advice in joint ventures and strategic alliances

We develop initial studies, the identification and search of strategic partners, we analyze the viability of the business and its conclusion.



CAVI SERVIÇOS FINANCEIROS and its partners have participated in recent years in several deals in Mergers and Acquisitions, consulting and advisory services, in the following segments:

Aços Planos

Flat steel distribution


Industry of steel tubes


Wire Drawing

Filtros industriais

Production of industrial filters

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Engineering projects and services

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Information Technology

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Production of automotive wheels

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Food industry

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Cleaning products manufacture

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Auto parts components industry

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Manufacture of irrigation materials

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Paper industry

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Industry of telecommunications equipment


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